Wild Boys 000: Creative Freedom (Digital Zine)


To be WILD is to live and grow in the natural environment.

To not be domesticated.

To be wild is to be uninhibited, uninhabited, uncultivated, or inhospitable.

To be wild is to be free.

The term BOYS is traditionally defined as a male child or young man and used informally or lightheartedly to refer to a man. But here, we adhere to the rules of the street and smudge gender lines. We define “boys” as friends, as crew, as squad.

What started as a joking term for people who make questionable life decisions evolved into an expression of freedom.

These WILD BOYS believe in freedom of speech, religion and opinion, the right to equality, the right to education, and the right to leisure.

MS. RPRSNTD presents WILD BOYS – an imperfect, messy, lo-fi, conceptual zine for the untamed, the unbridled, and the free.